EPIC Sensors

EPIC® SENSORS (former SKS Sensors) has delivered temperature sensors for more than 30 years. They have wide experience of producing sensors for oil and gass, pulp&paper, machine building, power plants, Ex-areas and hygienic industry. EPIC Sensors is part of family-owned LAPP Group.
They manufacture vibration-proof resistance and thermo couple sensing elements which are mineral insulated. Their standard product line consists of 23 basic structures, which can be altered according to customer specification. In addition to the wide standard products range they also provide individual, customer specific total solutions. The principles of their services are high quality sensors, fast
deliveries, cost-effectiveness and low risk for the customer.
Their own manufacturing guarantees short delivery times also for the application- specific special sensors, e.g. for our range of ATEX and IECEx certified sensors for potentially explosive areas. All demanding precision welding is performed with laser welding equipment at their production facilities in Finland.
EPIC® SENSORS produce:
  • Pt100 (2xPt100, 3xPt100)
  • Pt1000
  • Thermocouples
  • Thermowells
  • Flanged thermowells
  • Pt100 with silicon well
  • Cable probes
  • Baynet probes
  • Ceramic sensors
  • Coated thermowells
  • Multi-point temperature sensors
  • Ex-approved sensors
  • Bearing temperature sensors
  • Temperature sensors with magnet
  • Immersible temperature sensors
  • Customer specific solutions
Materials used are stainless and acid-proof steel, heat-resistant steel, titanium, hastelloy and polyamid's, among others.
Approvals and certificates:
  • DNV ISO9001:2008 Management system certificate
  • VTT02ATEXQ001 ATEX quality assurance notification
  • VTT12ATEX055X ATEX product certificate for Ex d sensors
  • IECEx quality assessment report
  • ATEX and IECEx product certificates for all Ex e sensors
  • STATEMENT VTT-S-08226-13 - Notified body statement of Ex i applications
  • EAC-Ex - Ex certificate for Euro-Asian Customs Union
  • GOST-R Russian GOST-R certificate for RTD and TC sensors
  • RU-T-Metrological - Russian metrological certificate for TC sensors
  • RU-W-Metrological - Russian metrological certificate for RTD sensors
  • Kazakhstan pattern approval certificate for TC and RTD sensors
  • Hygienic Design Certificate for certain sensor models.
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