LoraWan, NB-IOT sensori

NB-IOT temperatūras datu logeris ar ārējo devēju, -55/+125C, acc.0,5K

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ražotājs: WILL SENSORS
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The logger is equipped with an external, waterproof probe which allows to measure the temperature in points there where the sensor cannot be placed directly. The probe is available in two variants: standard or intended for contact with food, in the form of a sharpened skewer.

Efento NB-IoT sensors transmit the data over cellular network (Narrowband IoT) and do not require any additional devices (router, gateway, etc.). Sensors are also equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy interface, which allows quick and easy configuration with a smartphone. Efento NB-IoT sensors can be integrated with any cloud platform.

    Temperature: -55 to +125°C, accuracy: up to 0.5°C in the range from -10°C to +85°C and up to 2°C in the range -55 to -125°C
    Sensor is equipped with 1 m long external probe
    Battery ensures up to 5 years of maintenance-free operation
    NB-IoT sensors send the data over the cellular network to Efento Cloud or any other cloud platform.
    Measurement period: 1 minute – 10 days (configurable by the user)
    User configurable alarm thresholds. If any of the thresholds is exceeded, sensor will send the data to the platform immediately
    The device stores 40,000 measurements in its memory, when the memory is full, the oldest measurements are overwritten
    Sensor's configuration can be changed remotely from the cloud or with a mobile application over Bluetooth Low Energy

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