Procesu kontrolieri

Programmējams frekvences kontrolieris 4-20mA, 2 rel, -1999 to 9999

kods: 5725D
ražotājs: WILL Sensors
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Programmable frequency indicator
    Measures NPN, PNP, Contact, NAMUR, S0, Tacho and TTL sensors
    Programmable frequency input span of 0.001 Hz to 50 kHz
    The 5725D has two SPDT relays and one analog output
    Easy to read 4-digit, 14-segment LED display with scrolling help text
    Universally powered by 21.6…253 VAC or 19.2… 300 VDC

    The 5725 measures, scales, and displays frequency signals found in many process speed and flow rate applications.
    The indicator can measure the period of the frequency, useful for displaying the elapsed time between events.
    The 5725D has two SPDT setpoint contacts and a 0/4...20 mA output for process control.
    The installed display provides IP65 environmental sealing, and additional protection is provided by the optional 8335 splash proof cover.

Technical characteristics
    4-digit display with 13.8 mm high, 14-segment LED digits and adjustable decimal point.
    Indicator is scalable from -1999 to 9999.
    Scrolling help text makes programming easy.
    Customizable trigger levels allow measurement of nearly any pulse sensor.
    Built-in excitation source for measuring NPN, PNP, NAMUR and S0 sensors.
    Fast response time of 1 cycle + 100 ms, and excellent accuracy of better than 0.05% of selected range.
    The analog output current on the 5725D can be dampened from 0.1 to 60 seconds, and can handle up to 800 Ohms loop load.
    The 5725 meets NAMUR NE21 recommendations for high performance in harsh EMC environments.
    High 2.3 kVAC galvanic isolation, and an excellent signal/noise ratio of > 60dB.

Mounting / installation / programming
    Easy to mount 1/8 DIN (48x96 mm) panel meter with IP65 (type 4X) sealing.
    Approved for marine applications.
    Fully push-button programmable.

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