Temperatūras sensori

Temperatūras sensors Pt100 -50/200C, 5x150mm, 5m cable, needle

kods: TOPE413TPt1005150A4
ražotājs: WILL SENSORS
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Temperature sensor with handgrip and pointed tip suitable for measurement of various types of meat and cold meat . It has an
attestation issued by National Institute of Hygiene(PZH) for usage in contact with food because of the special materials it is made of. This sensor is terminated with miniature plug that enables its connection to portable temperature meter TES.
Temperature range / sensing element
-50÷200ºC, Pt100
class B
– material: steel 1.4541
– pointed tip suit bale for temperature measurement of loose materials and plastic
– sheath length[mm]: 150mm
Constructional version
–  teflon handgrip
– suitable for food industry
– National Institute of Hygiene (PZH) attestation
Lead wire
– stranded Cu wire 2 or 4x0,22mm2with double silicone insulation
– length Lp [m]: 5m

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