Temperatūras sensori

Temperatūras sensors PT100, max 500C, AISI316 6x400mm, IP67

kods: 17-1-6.0-3-400-CE11(NAA HEAD)-R100-B-TBCSL4
ražotājs: TC DIRECT
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RTD Sensor - Pt100 Mineral Insulated with IP67 Standard Weatherproof Head - 600°C rated

Ideal for either high temperature applications or situations requiring a long probe length, these semi flexible sensors have a stainless steel mineral insulated welded closed end sheath. The Pt100 sensing element is 10mm long and is placed at the tip of the sheath which means that the minimum immersion depth should be at least 50mm. The sensor is rated up to 600ºC at the tip. They are terminated with an IP67 standard weatherproof head rated to 135ºC. Ideal where a heavy duty connection needs to made near to the sensor. A range of extension cables and adjustable compression fittings can be found on this website to complement this product.
  • 3 wire configuration
  • Pt100 element meets IEC 60751 Class B : 2008
  • Sheath: 316 Stainless Steel Mineral Insulated 6mm OD
  • L=400mm
  • Operating range: -75ºC to +600ºC at tip
  • Terminated in an IP67 standard weatherproof die cast alloy head rated to 135ºC

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