Temperatūras sensori

Temperatūras sensors Pt100 -50/150C, self-adhesive, 2m cable, 30x14x3.4mm

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Self Adhesive Patch RTD - Pt100 Sensor
This sensor incorporates a silicon rubber patch with a Pt100 thin film element within, attached to 2 metre long PFA leads. They are available in two different patch sizes for customer convenience. The patch is self adhesive and when placed in position enables good response times from the flush mounted Pt100 element. Standard self adhesive RTD sensor illustrated.
    Pt100 thin film element meets IEC 60751 Class B : 2008
    Rubber patch dimensions
    Standard: 30mm x 14mm x 3.4mm maximum depth
    This is a 4 wire device; however, it can easily be used for three wire applications by omitting to connect up one of the white leads
    Sensor housing: Silicon rubber with self adhesive backing
    Operating range: -50°C to +150°C
    Leads: 2 metres PFA insulated

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