Līmeņa sensori

Pludiņa līmeņa sensors, horizont., AISI316, max +120C

kods: LCSFS1SS
ražotājs: WILL SENSORS
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Float Level Switch for Side Mounting LCSFS

Inside or outside installation  
Rotating or sliding float
120 °C maximum liquid temperature
Stainless and various plastic versions

Cable electrical termination
The  operation  of  the  level  probe  for  liquids  LCSFS  is  based  on the switching of a reed switch by a magnetic float, rotating around a fixed point
or sliding along a stem. This switch is designed for external or internal mounting on the side vessel walls and is electrically  terminated by lead wires. Large variety
of  versions  based  on  different  body  and  float  materials  is  available  for  use  at operating temperature up to 120°C, process pressure up to 5 bar, and specific
gravity of the liquid down to 0.6 g/cm.

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