Līmeņa sensori

Līmeņa sensors DLM-35NT-25-G3/4-I-C E600, 4-20mA, G3/4", M12 konektors, L=600mm, MAXp=35Bar, MAXt=200C, autoklāviem

kods: DLM-35NT-25-G3/4-I-C E600
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  • Direct mounting into containers, vessels, basins, reservoirs, etc.
  • Possibility of linear measurements even in non-conductive and differently shaped containers
  • Simple sensitivity setting by means of magnetic pen
  • LED state and function indication
  • Wide choice of electric connection via connectors, cable glands or protective conductor
  • Material of housing and rod electrodes from stainless steel
  • Xi, XiT versions for usage in explosive areas, or XiM, XiMT versions for mining environments with a risk of hazard by methane or coal dust
WILL Sensors, SIA
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