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LED indicators (traffic lights) built-in on new CO2 detector.
RC 24 is a new CO2 detector for wall mounting which is provided with LED indicators (traffic lights) to alert / warn students and teachers when the air quality in their class rooms contain excessive levels of carbon dioxide (CO2).
The new CO2 detector RC 24 has LEDs with different colors indicating different CO2 concentrations / levels.
Red LED means bad air (1000-2000 ppm).
Yellow LED means that the air is ok (800-1000 ppm).
Green LED indicates good air (450-800 ppm).
When the RC 24 indicate red LED light, it means increase the ventilation by e.g. airing.

It takes about two minutes to reduce the CO2 concentration from 1400 ppm to 800 ppm.
The detector RC 24 indicates the CO2 level in a clear manner. It is better to trust in the CO2 detector RC 24 than the ventilation system, as according to media that ventilation systems not work satisfactorily.
CO2 detector RC 24 monitors the air quality continuously, both students and teachers can read the RC 24 detector´s LEDs.
Poor air affects students ability to concentrate.
Poor air makes students and teachers tired and learning suffers.
Teachers and children in schools with fresh air have fewer sick days than their colleagues in "sick" schools with bad air quality.
CO2 detector RC 24 is with selectable analog output 4-20 mA, 0-10 Vdc or
0-5 Vdc and Modbus communication which can be connected to automatic monitoring and control system / panel of the CO2 level.
The detector RCHT 24 is an other version with built-in humidity and temperature measurements.

Typical Application: Indoor Wall Mount

Output Signal Type Jumper select: 4-20 mA, 0-10 Vdc or 0-5 Vdc
Output Signal Drive: > 500Ω for mA mode, 75mA max output drive for voltage mode
Power supply: 12-24V +/- 10%, ac/dc, 1 watt typical
Operating Temperature: 0 to +50°C, 0-95%rH non-condensing
Plastic Housing: Flammability rating UL 94V0 file E194560
CO2 (for RC 24 and RCHT 24)  CO2 Sensor Type Dual Beam NDIR Range 0-2000 ppm, adjustable Accuracy ±70 ppm or ±5% of reading Drift <50 ppm / year full scale

Humidity (only for RCHT 24) Sensor Type Capacitive Range 0-100% rH Non-Condensing Accuracy 5%@25°C, 20 to 80% rH Drift < 0.5% rH / year

Temperature (only for RCHT 24)  Sensor Type 10K thermistor Range -30 to +70°C Accuracy < ±0.5°C @25°C

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