Signal transmitters

Signal transmitter Transmitter Pt100, M12, 4-20mA, programmable

manufacturer: ITALCOPPIE
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    Supply voltage     8,5 ÷    32 Vcc (polarity protected)
    Accuracy         maximum value between ±0.2 °C and ±0.2% of range set
    Response time of electronics         <50 ms
    Effect of temperature (*)     (*) devation from 20°C
        maximum value between ±0,3°C / 25°C and ±0,3% of span /25°C
    Permitted load         700 Ω @ 24 Vcc [RLΩ= (Valim. - 8,5) / 0,022]
    Input/Output insulation         none
    Electronic board input         RTD Pt100 (α= 0,00385) 3 wire connection
    PCB input range     -50 ÷    800 °C
    Sensor exciting current         ~0,5 mA
    Sensor failure signalling
        • downscale (< 3.6 mA) action
        • range upper limit (> 21.0 mA)
    Sensor short circuit signalling         Fixed at lower limit of range (< 3.6 mA)
    Device configuration         It is possible set the device by EVOMINI+SET configuration kit (it is needed a PC with OS Windows).
    Zero setting range         any value between -50°C and +50°C
    Minimum span         50°C (if the zero point is one of these values: -40°C, -20°C, 0°C, 20°C, 40°C, the minimum span is 20°C, otherwise is 50°C)
    Sensor error compensation         over 2 points (max 1% of span)
    Factory default         range 0 ÷ 150°C / sensor break monitoring: > 21 mA (Upscale action)
    Effect of power supply         negligible
    PCB operating temperature     -40 ÷     80°C
    EMC         According EN 61326
Sensor wire maximum resistance 20 ohm / wire
Output signal type 4÷20 mA
Connection body material THERMOPLASTIC
Sensing part connector female 4-pin connector with M12x1 metal screw lock (in accordance with DIN-VDE0627 STANDARDS)
Terminal electrical connection male 4-pin connector with M12x1 screw lock
(*) in accordance with IEC 60529 IP65/67
Vibration resistance According IEC 68-2-6, test Fc, 84-2000 Hz, 10 g

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